What is Cabinet ?

  • September 09, 2020
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  • What is Cabinet ?

Cabinet, Rack Cabinet or Network cabinets offer a wide area of ​​use for the communication and information sector as 19 ". It is considered necessary for both the security and the layout of devices and equipment with high material value for data processing centers and system rooms. Special and different sizes of devices can be collected in a single rack cabinet.The prices of the cabinets are also the most economical solution.All network active and passive devices can work in harmony through a network system established in the Network Cabinet.

Active and passive devices of 19 "(inch) size can be connected directly to the server, ie server cabinet or rack cabinet vertical bars, to create a regular appearance. Placement on fixed and movable shelves The hardware that can be placed in a 19 inch (inch) server or network rack cabinet can be: Server, Computer, Ups, Monitor, Keyboard, Printer, Switch, Router, Firewall, Modem, Switchboard, Patch panel and other passive rack cabinet accessories for organizing network equipment.


What are the advantages of 19 inch (inch) Server or Network Rack Cabinets?


Easy System Usage: Data acquisition and changing the location and authority of distribution points can be made easily in the rack cabinet and any malfunctions that may occur can be easily detected in advance.


Data and Information Security: All 4 doors of a rack cabinet offer the opportunity to be locked with the same encrypted key if desired. Since the rack cabinet can provide this feature, it can also enable only authorized people to intervene in the system.


Active Device Safety: Except for special cases, the rack cabinet, which is generally made of steel sheet, provides the physical security of expensive active devices placed inside. Thanks to the analog or digital thermostat fan module mounted on the ceiling of the Rack 19 inch cabinet, overheating of the devices is prevented and air circulation is provided in the closed cabinet.


Ease of Use and Cable Layout: The space to be covered by the devices is saved by the orderly placement of the cabinet. Any changes to be made in the system in the future can be easily performed by changing the ends of the copper and fiber patch panels in the network or server cabinet. In this way, the cables get rid of the cluttered and irregular appearance and become more visible. The front door of the network cabinets are made of glass, rear and side covers are made of sheet metal and are removable and lockable. Flat perforated or curved perforated doors are more commonly used in server cabinets.


Cabinet and Accessory Selection

Considering the use and dimensions of the Rack Cabinet, it is decided whether it is a free standing or wall type model. Standard mass production cabinet sizes can generally meet all customer needs and expectations. The necessary accessories such as 19 ″ socket, fixed and mobile shelves, fan module, cable organizer, lighting and cover panel are determined by considering the devices to be placed in the system cabinet.


19 ″ Free Standing Rack Cabinet

In the selection of a free standing rack cabinet, appropriate selection is made according to the size of the devices to be placed inside the cabinet (600 × 600, 600 × 800, 600 × 1000, 800 × 800, 800 × 1000). Generally, if a rack mount server is to be installed, a 1000 mm deep server cabinet should be selected. The height of all devices when placed is added together and the other equipment that can be added later is calculated and the cabinet height is determined by leaving a gap of 15-20% (1U = 44,45 mm). Free standing server or network rack cabinet heights are 12, 16, 22, 26, 32, 36, 39, 42 and 47U. But these sizes vary in different manufacturers.


19 ″ Wall Mount Rack Cabinet

Wall mounted cabinets are generally preferred between 450 mm and 560 mm depths. In addition, it is used today in wall type cabinets suitable for special needs, which are called double opening and slim type. Canovate wall mounted rack cabinet heights are produced from 6U up to 21U. Rack cabinets other than the 19 ”rack cabinet standard, which is called Soho type, are in 6, 9 and 12U sizes and 400 mm deep.


Cabinet Fan Module

Considering the amount of devices to be placed in the data cabinet and their heating, 2, 4 or 6 fan modules are preferred. All users recommend the model of fan modules with thermostat. In addition, there are two different thermostat-type fans as digital and analog thermostat fan modules.


Cabinet Socket Group

Except for the feeding of active devices in the rack cabinet, it is recommended to use a minimum of 2 free socket groups. 3,4,

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