New record in internet speed

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  • January 01, 2020
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  • New record in internet speed

Using a fiber optic cable connection, University of London Academy researchers surpassed the previous internet speed record of 172 terrabytes per second and transferred data at 178 terrabytes per second.

The researchers explained that for the record, they used a bandwidth of 16.8 THz instead of the band gap between 4.5 THz and 9 THz normally used in commercial optical systems.

According to the statement published by UCL, the researchers used various amplifier technologies, customizing for each wavelength to optimize performance measured with phase, luminance, and polarization.

Research director Dr. Lidia Galdino said that they aim to use fiber optic bandwidth more efficiently by using new technologies that can use existing infrastructures more efficiently.

The earlier record of 172 terrabytes per second was broken in April by the National Information and Communication Technology Institute of Japan.

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